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Original Sculptures & Artwork
Megon~Noël Creations  
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     The following are pictures of original artwork & sculptures by artist Megon~Noël.
     For information on how to purchase one of these originals please see the "Contact Us" page.  
     Shipping and handling charges always include insurance. Please
e-mail Megon~Noël about shipping charges for a particular item.
All prices are subject to change without notice as are the edition numbers of paintings.
Be sure to check the "Ebay Auctions" page, this is where many of these sculptures will be sold.

Please click on any picture to get information (size, materials, etc.) and to see more views.


Tighe, Raelin, & Arebella

Taylor, Unity, & Nessa The Nest-Maker

Moon Shadow, Jazmyn, Remus, & Ashray/Sea Ghost

 Talyia, Faerie Bride, Selkie, & Sulken - King Among Thieves

Merrow, Angel Blue, Sea-Lings, & Mei Ling

Garden Buddies, Kissandra, & Holly Faerie

© Megon~Noël