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This is Remus. Remus is a male elf approx. 7.5 inches seated. He has platinum hair and beautiful green eyes. His facial features are all hand done and sealed with a clear acrylic. Remus holds a handmade leather journal with tea-stained pages. A shimmering pink dragonfly has landed in the open book. Remus has a look of mild surprise on his face as he notices that several pages are missing from his journal. He glances up at his pet dragon Romula as she destroys the missing pages. She has also spilled his ink and has left little dragon footprints all over the place. Romula is made of a pearlescent clay. Her wings are a green nylon material. Remus has hold of a leather leash that connects to Romula's gold colored collar (made of clay). The pair are firmly affixed with a putty, to a scrapbook. They can be temporarily removed and easily reaffixed if you decide to put something in the scrapbook. This piece is approx. 12.5 inches long. $66.00 + S&H.


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