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 Original Sculptures & Artwork

Pucker Up! Kissandra is a sleepy little Elf, waiting for her goodnight kiss. She is made of a polymer.  Kissandra is 5.5 inches seated in her forest bedroom. Kissandra's features are all hand painted. She has beautiful blue eyes and soft brown hair. Her hair is accented with pink ribbons throughout it, each tied into a sweet little bow. Her hairpiece even has a faux scalp for added realism. A leather headband wraps gently around her head as a finishing touch. Kissandra's body is hand painted and she wears only a lavender-blue lace top. The rest of her body is accented with pink and blue ribbon arm wraps, a peach flower wire armband, a turquoise coil wire bracelet, and a beautiful silver wire necklace with an elegant metal butterfly pendant. Her room is made of a three story, Styrofoam base, measuring 7"Tall x 13.5"Wide x 13.5"Deep. The front is completely covered in moss and faux leaves. The back and sides are covered in a soft lavender cloth. Her room is decorated with all the qualities of the forest floor. Butterflies flittering above her, pine cones scattered about, a 6" ceramic fountain, and a tastefully planted peach rosebush. In the center of her room is a huge pink satin and lace bed, filled with a soft foam. Her room is just as an Elf's should be, the perfect combination of nature and luxury. Kissandra is joined in her room by two tiny friends. Both are made of polymer clay and are 3.5 inches seated. The first is the Glitter Elf, who helps her with her hair, clothes, and make-up. The Glitter Elf is a beautiful satin pink color, painted with glitter paint. She has pink hand painted eyes and wears a pink rhinestone collar. Kissandra is also accompanied by a small Brownie. The Brownie is a large eyed, elf-like creature, that helps Kissandra keep her room clean. Brownie is brown in color (of course) and is accented with silver glitter mittens, which were sealed with a clear acrylic to help the glitter stay securely in place. His large black eyes are hand painted and sealed. He wears a blue cloak and a matching ribbon headdress. Kissandra and her friends are waiting for you to adopt them. Take them into your heart, and into your home. Kissandra comes with everything you see here. $90.00 + S&H. SALE PRICE = $50.00

© Megon~Noël