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This is "Taylor" and she is just that, a Faerie Taylor. She makes clothes for people and Fae of all kinds. Right now she is working on a beautiful hand beaded pocket with heart lace edges. She has her own wooden, hand painted sewing jars. The jars contain real items; a small pair of scissors, thread, a needle threader, a button, and several spools in and around the jars (all items glued down). Taylor holds a faux needle in her little hands, partially threaded through the pocket. (Faux needle is still sharp, it is made of a toothpick painted with metallic silver paint, please be careful)! Taylor wears a pink, blue and white mixed lace top and a pink flowered skirt. She has gorgeous white hair and gray eyes. Her hair has a lovely braid across the top, each side adorned with a white iridescent flower. She is approx. 5 and 1/2 inches seated.
"Taylor" Won A Ribbon & Cash Prize @ the 2003 Art Show

Hey everybody! Just a little note: This is actually a scanned picture of Taylor from back when my digital camera was in for repairs but I liked the way it looked so much that, even though its not the cleanest pic ever taken, I had to add it to the Gallery. Thanks for taking a look! ~*~Megg~*~
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