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Angel Blue
Megon~Noël Creations     
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     Angel Blue is approx. 3 and 1/4 inches tall. She is made of shimmering blue Sculpey clay. Her lips and eye shadow are hand painted a metallic silver. Her eyebrows and eye liner are hand done in black and sealed with a clear acrylic. Her eyes themselves shine a beautiful blue. They are made of embedded blue beads. She has no arms or legs, her body is formed into a standing position beneath her silver dress. Her wings are a soft, iridescent pink and white material. Her bonnet is made of pink and white iridescent flowers. Her silver-ish gray dress is adorned with two champagne flowers with bows attached and two pink ribbons (one on each side). She is topped of with long (the full length of her body) jet black, curly hair. $35.00 + S&H. SALE PRICE = $15.00

© Megon~Noël