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New series of scary sculptures being designed! Look for their page soon!

Hey All - Just a note to let you know, Taylor (The Female Elf in the banner above) won a ribbon and cash prize @ the 2003 Art Show. ~*~Megg~*~

Hey everybody!
Just wanted to let you know that "Unity" and "Taylor" two of the Elves from Gallery 1, are on display. When they are available it will be posted here. Thanks! ~*~Megg~*~

The New FULL COLOR Megon~Noël Creations Catalog is available now. Please e-mail Megon~Noël if you are interested in a copy!

We are looking forward to the possibility of production photos. As Megon~Noël makes new sculptures we may be posting a few "behind-the-scenes" photos. This will give you the chance to see your sculpture as it is being hand crafted. All such photos will be located here, in the "News and Events" section.

Megon~Noël is in the process of creating some one of a kind paintings and drawings, they will be displayed in the Drawings & Paintings Gallery.  We will get these up on the site as soon as they are available. Please be sure to contact Megon~Noël if you have any suggestions about what kinds of artwork you want to see on this site!  All of your suggestions are taken into consideration.