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Original Sculptures & Artwork  

Jazmyn is a tiny Faerie made of Polymer Clay. Her enchantment and simplicity is haunting. Jazmyn is #2 in the Asian Faeries Series. Jazmyn is approx. 4 inches tall, and made of Polymer Clay. Jazmyn's lustrous black hair cascades down her back and frames her delicate shoulders. She hides inside a pale pink Sith Knot (Faerie Dwelling) and is covered by a tasteful flower, it's large leaves extending out past her arms. Rocks and glistening peach glass stones cover the ground around her hidden home. Jazmyn has shining blue eyes made of beautiful blue beads and she has delicate nylon wings attached to her back. Jazmyn is hand painted. $35.00 + S&H.
SALE PRICE = $25.00

© Megon~Noël