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Megon Noel Creations

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This is a gallery of many of my newest pieces. This site will be updated as often as possible. There are many more shots, angles, sizes and details of each of these sculptures. To see more details on these sculpts please visit my main site and click on "Artwork".


Solange is a 9 1/2 inch tall clay doll. She has a beautiful lavender ruffled dress with blue accents. She has golden brown hair, swept back from her face and glistening blue eyes. She has been finely detailed and accented right down to the intricate design work on the bodice of her dress.


Harley & Mr. J

Harley & Mr. J are a fan art duo I created. I did my own interpretation of the villainous pair of Batman fame. I've been a long time fan of the Batman series (cartoons, comics, films, etc) so creating this was definitely my own lifetime fan status shining through.



Work In Progress

Life sized male bust - work in progress.

Zoey is a 9 1/2 inch tall clay doll. She has a beautiful bronze and rose burgundy ruffled dress (made of clay as well), blonde hair, rich brown eyes, and has been created with a great amount of detail.


Tia Dalma

A piece of fan art I did for the character "Tia Dalma" of Pirates of the Caribbean fame.

(C) Megon Noel