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Welcome to Megon Noel Creations!

On this site you can see all the newest and updated sculptures by fantasy artist Megon Noel (me). It's been quite a while since I updated this online gallery so if you've been here before most of what you see now will be new.

My name's Megon Noel, I'm an artist here in California. I love all things related to the 'arts' and dabble in a bit of everything (writing, filmmaking, acting, modeling, drawing, painting, and so on) but this site is primarily devoted to my work as a sculptor. 

This site has changed a lot, so if you've been here before, please take a look around and check out the new sculpts I've posted. If you're new to the site and want to see everything (even the older stuff) you can check out my Elfwood Gallery which is hosting most of my older pieces. (

Aside from Elfwood I also have a Myspace Page (


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